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Ft Dix Duo- final...

Posted by Joan S on July 25, 2011 at 7:17 AM Comments comments (0)

I am sad to announce that both Dakota & Spaz , the Ft Dix Duo, have gone on to the Bridge.

 Dakota after having had adrenal surgery, had been being treated for an irritable bowel issue; he'd been improving, until one evening when he began vomiting,. His abdomen became distended- he couldn't pass food from his stomach thru his duodenum. He was begun on syringe liquids and Dr was alerted that we'd be in first thing.

I got him to the vet within hours, but he seized gently and left in my arms before Dr could see him.

  DIP  my brave man  1/1/06 - 7/10/11

Spaz of the surly manner, had been irritable lately, I  had been so focused on Dakota that I missed that he wasn't eating properly, and passing dark stools. He was begun on soft foods, and liquids immediately. He got round the clock feedings for 24 hours, until he began passing.frank blood in his stool. In the wee hours I rushed him towards home (we'd been away) frantically calling emergency Vets along the way- none would tackle a ferret problem, but I at least got one of my old Vets to sell me some sub-Q fluids.

We got home that Sunday morning with none to assist us, Spaz quietly left in my arms, a scant 2 days after his life-long friend Dakota.

DIP Spaz 1/1/06 - 7/12/11

"Fishtown" Jared has gone

Posted by Joan S on July 25, 2011 at 7:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Jared was one of those rarre sould that just brought joy to all where ever he went.

 I got him from a filthy building in rehab, living in a filthy cage amid empty paint cans and rubbish, in the 90+degree heat of a Philly summer.

Deaf and blind in one eye, he had a growth on his head, which we got removed, and hoped that his time left to us on the earth would be one of happy content, for he was an oldster.

Jared, within a few months, began showing signs of adrenal disease.His age being against him, we opted for lupron injections. Early in 2011 he began to worsen in symptoms; his prostate was enlarged due to the adrenal disease. We began him on meds for that too until he became so congested there that we had him catheterized, so he could be assisted in urinating. His condition was such that he still bladder still could not be emptied so surgery was scheduled the following day. Whenm Dr opened him up, she was astounded at the horrid growths around his bladder,the likes of  which were so gross in nature that she senthem off for pathologyon her own dollars.

 Jared did not survive the surgery.

For the 6 some months Jared was with us, he was the most cheerful soul. He  so charmed all he met, 2 and 4 legged. He never let on, even up until the day of his surgery that he was in such dire condition,  even came out that day to poke around in his usual manner and greet his friends here at Scheerjoy.

I will always remember the look on his face, one of happiness to just be!

DIP my love  1/1/04 - 4/20/11

Giving Tree 2010

Posted by Joan S on December 11, 2010 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (2)

Jared is very thankful to Angela for becoming his Santa this year; and eagerly awaits Christmas to open his gift.

Dakota & Spaz thank Marge for her gererous donation to their Veterinary fund, which should cover medications for most of the coming year.

I am gratefull to both for having the true spirit of the Christmas season, and am humbled